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low recoil 308 rifle

Hunting? Latest. What is your price range? Recoil sitting at bench shooting a target is WAY worse than recoil standing up shooting a deer (or even a target). Posts: 1,276. Low-recoil Pachmayr Decelerator butt pad; Cons. You could just add lead weight to a standard rifle to make it heavier. The 6 mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge (ARC) (6×38mm) is a 6mm caliber (.243) rifle cartridge introduced by Hornady in 2020 as a low-recoil, high-accuracy long-range cartridge designed around the AR-15 platform.. Competition shooting? The .308 Winchester was introduced in 1952 in the Model 70 bolt-action rifle, with the Model 88 lever-action and Model 100 autoloading rifles offered in 1955 and 1961, respectively. 3. 180-grain 27 foot pounds: 14.8 fps: 308 Win. Conversely, at rifle ranges, rifles are normally fired from a sitting position at a bench rest at static targets and the shooters attention is focused on the gun's sights (or scope). Ruger Sniper Rifle Price And Abakan Rifle BY Ruger Sniper Rifle Price And Abakan Rifle in Articles Shop for Low Price Ruger Sniper Rifle Price And Abakan Rifle . Let’s keep the caliber list (see bottom of this article) available while we discuss the rifle’s layout. Gushing praise is the default response. Keep that in mind. Apr 7, 2018 #1 A rather devastating injury has likely relegated me to shooting only very soft shooting calibers. The .30 – 30 Winchester Centerfire is a great, low-recoil cartridge..308 Winchester. Thread starter want2learn; Start date Apr 7, 2018; Forums. The recoil should be kept low, balancing with the overall weight of the rifle and keeping shootability at the range and in the field in mind. The recoil is moderate. The .243 is a GREAT round. Who Will Use This Most This will be used by those who have long used a .30-06 rifle and want a change from a rifle type like the bolt action. High caliber can be defined many ways. Self or home defense? Long range? 500-grain: 67.9 foot pounds: 23.4 fps: 300 Win. This approximates factory reduced recoil cartridges and generally works well for accuracy. But you can shoot it all day long and have a pretty pleasant day, which is saying something when your platform is a 16 inch carbine that isn’t mounting a very good brake. On the other hand, older shooters that have used the .30-06 Springfield or 7mm Remington Magnum and are finding these calibers less comfortable as they age, will move smoothly to the .308. Post ... All rifles produce more recoil as the weight of the rifle is reduced and as the weight of the bullets they shoot is increased. Hodgdon has three separate tabs under the DATA menu of the website’s main page to help in low recoil loading. Often Grandpa himself eventually preferred reduced loads, because packing out squirrels was easier than packing out moose, and lighter recoil is easier on older shoulders. = 125 gr Bullet = Nosler Ballistic Tip Powder Manufacturer = Hodgdon Powder = H-4895 Charge = 38.0 Velocity (FPS) = 2,592 Campfire Regular. By Mike Dickerson. For practical rifle competition, I shot low power reloads ( 123 gr .311″ bullets at 2400 fps). .30 caliber: .308 Win, .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win Mag; The Rifle’s Layout. Ruger American . It was also marketed as something more powerful than the .30-30 and yet had less recoil than the .30 Army . The former situation minimizes the subjective recoil, while the latter maximizes subjective recoil. Minuteman. Mequon, WI. That's probably the one to go with. "In the real world, think of the 6.5 Creedmoor as the modernized/standardized/optimized version of the 6.5x55/.260." 12 Deer Cartridges for the Recoil Sensitive. Buy 308 Rifle With Low Recoil And 308 Savage Lever Action Rifle Value 308 Rifle With Low Recoil And 308 Savage Lever Action Rifle Value Reviews : You finding wh The best way I can describe the recoil impulse from the Hornady Custom Lite is that it’s much more pleasant than a full house .308, but you still know you’re shooting a .308 and not a 5.56. gzig5. This rifle has that ability. Mag. Sep 7, 2013 1,263 496. The chart below clearly defines the advantages of smaller calibers for older deer hunters. The 270 only comes in with (3) bullets weights. Fixed magazine; No iron sights; Expensive; Why It’s Recommended . While 308, 243 and the Creedmores are by no means heavy recoiling calibers, if an AR in 223 is causing discomfort I can’t imagine how you would get one of those down to a recoil less than an AR15. I also experimented with various other types of .308 Win factory ammo, ranging from the ultralight Remington Accelerators, which use a SABOT carrying a .223 bullet, up to 200 gr SOFT Point hunting ammo. Other than that, it’s another .30-06 rifle with a lot of reduced recoil right out of the box. These are listed under youth loads for the .308 Win. Reader Ken Slusher e-mailed to ask if it was feasible and, more importantly, a safe practice to use Lyman's load data for cast bullets and simply substitute the same weight jacketed bullet. The case was based on the .30-06 with the shoulder set back and cut from 2.494 to 2.015 inches, and maximum overall cartridge length was reduced from 3.340 to 2.810 inches. The .308 is probably a better deer round, but will have slightly more recoil. Rifle Recoil Velocity: 458 Win. A .243 with a nosler partition (or any good bullet bullet) in a medium weight rifle will offer low recoil. MARS is a new rifle chambered in .308 Winchester. Reduced recoil; More enjoyable to shoot; Reduced barrel wear; Extended brass life; The final load that I came up with is the 150gr X-treme Bullets flat nose copper plated .308" bullet over Alliant Red Dot powder with an overall case length of 2.600" travelling at approximately 1550 feet per second. Also a great option for novice or seasoned hunters who want a great flat shooting rifle that can take groundhogs or deer just by changing the ammo. For long range, I used several different brands of factory 168 gr HPBT match ammo. I think the lightest caliber that will get you to 600 (other than exotics) would be 223, and weight is the greatest mitigator of recoil. Re: Low recoil 308 for a child. Plinking? The recoil is also increased for a given bullet as the speed of the bullet is increased. Great soft-kicking deer rounds that won’t rattle your teeth. (I personally like the old 6.5x55 over these) A step further up would be a 7mm08 or 7x57. 150-grain: 10 foot pounds: 9 fps: 270 Win: 130-grain: 16 foot pounds: 11.4 fps: 6.5 Creedmoor: 142-grain: 12 foot pounds: 9.9 fps: 243 Win. With reduced recoil loads, a hunter could work on offhand, positional, and field expedient shooting positions at short to moderate ranges with his actual hunting rifle without worrying about developing a flinch. Other rifle calibers which aging deer hunters should consider include are the .243 Winchester, .30-30 Winchester, the 7x57 Mauser cartridge and the .308 caliber rifle. Gushing praise is the default response. 270, 8.0lb Rifle, 150gr bullet =17.2 lb felt recoil. Its most significant feature is the extremely low felt recoil achieved thanks to its hybrid mechanism of operation that combines the long barrel recoiling and gas operated actions. This customized Remington 700 has been used in posts for years. The .308 Winchester may represent the upper end in recoil for some shooters. Shoot your 12 gauge pump or O/U shotgun from a bench rest some day and you will see what I mean. W. want2learn Private. The 308 comes in with (7) bullet weights, both have the same range of kill (640yd) The 270 is a Long Action, The 308 is a Short Action. And let’s be honest, you’ll want an optical sight for any serious deer hunting rifle. If you want a semi-auto, you could get a DPMS LR-308. The .243 can be a great beginner gun because of its low recoil and ammo availability. Felt Recoil to the shooter: 308, 7.5lb Rifle, 150gr bullet = 15.8 lb felt recoil. The 308 rifle is known for being good with recoil, but the recoil pad on the Remington 700 AAC-SD cushions what recoil there is even more allowing for comfortable and quick shooting. This column is in response to another reader's inquiry about loading reduced-recoil ammo for the .308 Winchester. PX Member. More Guns. Mag. ... Ballistics are similar to the .30-30 cartridge and its .308 caliber (7.62mm) bullet, but the larger diameter .321 (8.15 mm) bullet of the .32 WS will create a larger wound. It is just enough for deer and has low recoil. Make sure to buy the Gen 2, as there were a number of upgrades and probably fixes in between models. This is the rifle that I used for testing and evaluation, my trusty old olive drab 308. The only real downside is the lack of an iron sight. .308 Winchester (Reduced/Youth Loads - Hodgdon Data) Reloading Data Case = Winchester Barrel length = 24" Primer: Federal 210M Wt. The price range is also nice for those on a budget as you can usually pick up this rifle for prices between $650 and $760. The semi-auto rifles typically spread the recoil over a longer time period so it is not as sudden and feels like less recoil. 150-grain 27 foot pounds: 10.9 fps: 30-30 Win. Low velocity, low recoil loading is possible, but as always, only with the correct reload data. #interested #1 Click here Shop for Low Price 308 Musgrave Hunting Rifle For Sale And 308 Rifle With Low Recoil . Yeah, for most of us, that matters. John Barsness 2019 IC-A Re: Reduced loads for .308 Win. G. gzig5. Guns. 30~06,8.0 rifle = 19.6 lb Comment . Bore diameter? Muzzle energy? August 30, 2019. 7mm~08, 7.5 rifle = 12.0 felt lb to shooter 308, 8.0 rifle =18.0 felt lb 270,8.0 rifle = 17.6 felt lb. So they worked up loads for fewer rifles, often reduced loads so their grandchildren could comfortably hunt squirrels with Grandpa’s deer rifles or hunt deer with Grandpa’s moose rifles. All told, the Winchester Model 70 Featherweight may be the best hunting rifle on our list. [Re: centershot] #12515893 01/02/18: Joined: Dec 2007. An aging hunter's major concern is recoil. What purpose do you have in mind? 9mm is low recoil and this Kel Tec rifle has near 5 star reviews everywhere. 95-grain: 9 foot pounds: 8.5 fps: 223 Rem. My son has it in .243 and it is a sweet shooting rifle. A good shot placement will kill any white tail effectively. Bolt Action Rifles . The same with the .260 Rem or 6.5 creedmoor with proper bullet to even take heavier non-dangerous animals. That’s always a plus in our opinion. Need recommendation for very low recoil, very accurate bolt action rifle build cartridge choice to shoot 300 yards paper target.

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